Police in Peru have seized 1,417 kilograms of cocaine worth £68 million which was branded with Lionel Messi’s picture and logo.

Lima’s anti-drug police unit confirmed the cocaine, which was found in a shipping container, was destined for Belgium.

Along with Messi’s logo and face, some of the 288 packages discovered also had the king of Spain’s official seal on the front.

It’s claimed that the use of Messi’s photo is to indicate the product’s quality and to stop people tampering with the packages.

No arrests have been made while police have confirmed that the packages arrived from the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers Valley region, which is one of the biggest areas of cocaine production in Peru.

The seize is the second largest recorded in Peru this year after two tons of cocaine were found hidden in packages of asparagus in January.

-Metro Sport