First, let me make one thing very clear here. I did not support GEJ during the last election, not because he was not better than his Daura-born opponent, Muhammadu Buhari, but because despite his very good record as a democrat and a gentleman president plus his excellent economic achievements, I still considered him too weak and not competent enough to deserve my vote especially after the insensitive manner he treated the immigration job tragedy. I was at the national stadium. I saw my friend die in the stampede. When Jonathan refused to sack anybody for the job scam and the avoidable deaths that followed, I immediately knew the gods and the spirit of my dead friend would not forgive me if I gave this man my vote as insignificant as it was.

I never made any post or comments in support of GEJ during the electioneering. But in all these, I never lost sight of the fact that mentioning the name GEJ and Buhari in the same sentence with a view to comparing them remained a moral tragedy. This article is borne out of a sincere desire not to sit back and watch morally bankrupt men twist history and destroy an innocent man with devilish lies. Having said these, let me come to the reason why I’m here. Undiluted, unadulterated, crude hate for Jonathan as a person and the desire to ensure his name is never associated with anything good is one thing every APC member and Buhari supporters have in common. This common characteristic is so strong…too strong, even! Matter of fact, it is stronger than the feeling of kinship that binds marijuana smokers together. If you are ‘a ganja man’, you will understand my drift here. Whether they belong to the Saraki faction, Tinubu faction,  Buhari faction or even the latter day wailer-wanna-be faction, this common trait is the power house of all their activities the exact way the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

When you hear the APC tells you that the 16 years of PDP government is the cause of all our woes today, it is not the PDP they want you to blame, it is not even Obasanjo who ruled for eight solid years and is not the APC navigator-in-chief, it is Jonathan who was in power just for five years they want to incite you against. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself how come over 70% of all those holding public offices under APC today are ex-members of the PDP? Check all the ministers, governors, NASS members etc, over 70% of them left the PDP and were welcomed into the APC with an open arm and a baptism which washed away their sins and turned them to saints.

If the APC strongly believes the PDP destroyed Nigeria, why welcome the same people into their party? Does this make any sense? Or is it just the acronym “PDP” that is the problem? Their target is GEJ. If not hate, why would anyone claim that Jonathan ran the most corrupt government in Nigeria history? Do these guys think we all have amnesia? So if we keep quite so as not to be accused of being paid by Jonathan or the PDP, these children of #broom will just alter history before our very eyes. So we have suddenly forgotten Abacha? Have we forgotten that all the money Dasuki is accused of sharing is not up to half of the very first set of stolen money recovered as Abacha loot, the same Abacha-thieving-government,  their mini-god Buhari not only served under but vehemently defended and even swore by the seven gods that he didn’t steal a dime. This is even as billions of dollars (not naira) of the loot have continued to be returned to Nigeria.

Have we suddenly forgotten the OBJs, the IBBs, the Abdulsalamis, the Buharis, the Gowons, etc who ran under the military system of government where there is no form of transparency? Or, they just selected only Jonathan’s government for probe and concluded it was the most corrupt? Which one did they compare it with or has it not occurred to them that for a thing to be adjudged the worst, it must have been compared with other things?

These other men including the late Sani Abacha ruled the country with decrees and looted as they wanted but is it Jonathan who was in power for just five years that is the biggest thief in Nigeria history? Chai! Little wonder, these soulless liars were able to twist history and sold the political disaster called Muhammadu Buhari to Nigerians. First, they lied that Jonathan bought no single weapon for the military to prosecute the war on terror.

When this lie could no longer stick, they amended it and claimed he actually bought some weapons but that they were substandard and were all backfiring and killing soldiers who were supposed to use them to fight Boko Haram. When Nigerians queried which weapons the APC government used to achieve ‘technical victory’ over Boko Haram since the ones acquired by Jonathan were all fake, the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed contradicted himself again by admitting the Jonathan government  bought some good military hardware but that the prices were hugely exaggerated.

Meanwhile, we all saw the newly acquired military hardware the GEJ administration secured from Russia after the U.S. and her allies refused selling us weapons as a result of a petition written to them in which El-Rufai, Murtala Nyako (ex-Adamawa State governor) and some Northern/APC leaders accused GEJ of using the military to reduce the population of the North under the guise of fighting Boko Haram. And we all witnessed as our soldiers used those weapons to liberate all our territories held by Boko Haram and sent the terrorists disguising as females to escape their superior firepower. Nigerians were all hash-tagging #NeverAgain as the military were combing the Sambisa forest in search of the Boko Haram boys. All these happened a little over a year ago. We could not have forgotten, could we?

We have also not forgotten that the Boko boys were able to regroup immediately President Buhari came to power because he (Buhari) dismantled all military roadblocks set up purposely to checkmate their activities. We are not unaware of the fact that the same people hell-bent on blaming Jonathan even for the 1914 amalgamation hailed that ill-advised move.